"Music is art and should be created with artistic tools!" Tracii Guns (special for SviSound)

copper mission to mars


Combo pedal overdrive classic germanium fuzz + optical passive tremolo. Full metall design without paint etc. Vintage sound from germanium old military ex-USSR transistor and passive classic optical tremolo. Steampunk style of design combine brass, copper and aluminium. Design with visible working schematic. BIAS real panel indicator. LED lights for indicate active effects. One piece product with unique design!

  • Germanium fuzz and optical tremolo in one pedal
  • External foot switch for botch effects
  • Switches for activate effects
  • Full metal steampunk design
  • True bypass
  • Fuzz, BIAS and volume controls for fuzz
  • Rate and depth controls for tremolo
  • BIAS panel indicator witch back light
  • Rate of tremolo indicator
  • LED light indicators of active effects
  • Power from external adapter 9V
copper mission to mars copper mission to mars copper mission to mars copper mission to mars