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high gain distortion


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Mini sized (38x92 mm) distortion - fuzz with maximum variable tones. For most styles of rock!
  • Gain from overdrive to high distortion
  • gain, treble, middle, volume controls
  • color light change from guitar signal
  • true bypass
  • power from adapter 9V
  • full metal minimalistic design

manual .pdf

guitar distortion


DistoZoid dz01 have tube preamplifier structure and good for a classic rock and modern rock.
Low mid tones provide the rich and power sound. Single notes and accords sounding well.
Gain control change sound from overdrive to high distortion without cutting a low frequences.

  • gain from classic rock to metal distortion
  • gain, tone, volume controls
  • special tone control
  • bass boost switch
  • true bypass
  • power 9V
  • full metal design

manual .pdf



MetalZoid mz06 is a universal drive pedal: from booster to overdrive to distortion.
It is basic sound. Tone of input signal have just a little changes. So output signal is good for other effects and for the amplifier with tone controls.
So this pedal is good for most styles of music as universal drive.

  • gain from clean boost to distortion
  • gain, tone and volume controls
  • bass boost switch
  • power 9V
  • full metal design

Manual .pdf

high gain distortion

$285.00 (lux version)

available for preorders

  • gain from overdrive to metal distortion
  • gain, basis, volume, tone, frequency and level controls
  • three way pregain mode switch
  • special parametric filter
  • true bypass
  • power from adapter 9V
  • full metal design

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emo distortion $140.00
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  • High distortion pedal in the emo style
  • Long systain
  • Gain, tone and volume controls
  • Special pre-gain filter. Great for flageolets!
  • Power 9 Volts

Available in other styles of enclosures of course