svisound overzoid


Clean sound overdrive with output mosfet/germanium boosters.

This pedal is next version of popular clean overdrive OverZoid oz01 with extra booster. So now pedal can work as clean booster from OverZoid oz01 or mosfet/germanium booster. With bigger gain and/or bigger boost level pedal provide overdrive sound or overdrive sound with mosfet/germanium tones. With high levels of gain/boost pedal doing distortion or fuzz sounds. So now it is universal pedal for most styles: blues, classic rock, modern rock etc.

  • gain from clean boost to overdrive
  • gain, boost, tone and volume controls
  • bass boost switch
  • boost mode switch mosfet/germanium
  • true bypass
  • power 9V
  • full metal design

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germanium overdrive


Mini sized (38x92 mm) germanium overdrive. Rare soft germanium sound derived from ex-USSR transistors and diodes. Two controlling stages of gain (basic gain and output boost), two mode of clipping, tone control provide variable vintage sound from germanium booster to soft overdrive and to smooth and classic fuzz tones.
  • Flexibe and soft germanium overdrive
  • Gain 1, gain 2, tone and volume controls
  • Clipping mode switch
  • True germanium sound
  • True bypass
  • Power from adapter 9V
  • Full metal minimalistic design

manual .pdf

svisound overzoid mini


Mini version of clean sound overdrive OverZoid oz01.

  • gain from clean boost to overdrive
  • gain, tone and volume controls
  • bass mode switch
  • true bypass
  • external power 9V
  • full metal design
  • dimensions 65x40x28 only!

Manual .pdf

Review with video from Premier Guitar

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guitar overdrive


"SpectroZoid from SviSound awesome overdrive, with creamy mids and sweet sustain!" Bjørn Riis

  • gain from low overdrive to ligh distortion
  • gain, tone, volume controls
  • special tone control
  • gain mode switch: sharp - normal - soft
  • 'prisma' style color changing indicator
  • true bypass
  • power 9V
  • full metal design

manual .pdf