"Music is art and should be created with artistic tools!" Tracii Guns (special for SviSound)

svisound overzoid


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Clean sound overdrive with output mosfet/germanium boosters.

This pedal is next version of popular clean overdrive OverZoid oz01 with extra booster. So now pedal can work as clean booster from OverZoid oz01 or mosfet/germanium booster. With bigger gain and/or bigger boost level pedal provide overdrive sound or overdrive sound with mosfet/germanium tones. With high levels of gain/boost pedal doing distortion or fuzz sounds. So now it is universal pedal for most styles: blues, classic rock, modern rock etc.

  • gain from clean boost to overdrive
  • gain, boost, tone and volume controls
  • bass boost switch
  • boost mode switch mosfet/germanium
  • true bypass
  • power 9V
  • full metal design

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review from Gilmourish.com

guitar overdrive


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"SpectroZoid from SviSound awesome overdrive, with creamy mids and sweet sustain!" Bjørn Riis

SpectroZoid is overdrive for lead use usually. It have good systain and many middle tones.
Pedal is very good for a solos with Muff's tones. The output signal have rich harmonics that controlling easy with special tone control knob. And low gain is good for accords as soft overdrive.

  • gain from low overdrive to ligh distortion
  • gain, tone, volume controls
  • special tone control
  • gain mode switch: sharp - normal - soft
  • 'prisma' style color changing indicator
  • true bypass
  • power 9V
  • full metal design

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High voltage overdrive:

  • Full metal design
  • Glass crystall indicator
  • True bypass
  • Gain, Tone, Volume controls
  • Voltage converter to 24 Volts
  • Clipping control switch: Hard overdrive - Clean boost - Light overdrive

manual .pdf

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 Our overdrive SviSound OverZoid oz01 is number one in Top 10 overdrive pedals 2014 from In The Blues!!!
 Check up please this compare videos from In The Blues. Our OverZoid oz01 vs Klon KTR, vs EWS Brute Drive and vs Vemuram Jan Ray.