steampunk tremolo

available for preorder

Rich designed steampunk vintage style optical germanium tremolo with true vintage sound.

  • Rate and Deep controls.
  • Shinning glass crystal indicator.
  • True bypass.
  • Brass, copper, wood, glass and aluminium materials.
  • Power from external 9V, 15mA supply.

chorus flanger


Mini sized chorus-flanger.

  • Deep, rate and mix controls
  • Chorus - flanger switch
  • True bypass
  • Full metal design
  • Power from external adapter 9V
  • 38 x 90 x 30 mm

optical phaser


Techno-FA is a winner

Mini sized (38x92 mm) optical phaser. Four knobs and one switch provide modulation from classic 70th to modern shift sounds.

  • Flexibe and soft optical modulation
  • Frequency, range, depth and bright controls
  • 2/4 stages switch
  • True analog sound
  • True bypass
  • Power from adapter 9V 25mA
  • Full metal minimalistic design

manual .pdf

review from

Phaser Techno-FA is a winner of the coveted Premier Gear Award!

germanium phaser


 Newest version of four stage phaser with old ex-USSR germanium transistors. Soft germanium vintage sound!

  • Two knobs: speed and intensity
  • Two mode switcher: phaser or pitch tremolo
  • True bypass
  • Power from adapter 9 Volt

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