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industrial punk fuzz


Other version of vintage germanium fuzz + manual compensation of temperature drift (bias). So you will have same sound in anywhere! And bias knob will help to find more different sounds.

  • Classic germanium fuzz sound.
  • True bypass.
  • Volume, fuzz and bias controls.
  • Special illumination.
  • Special 'industrial punk' design.
  • Power from external adapter 9V.

svisound overzoid


Unique design of popular clean sound overdrive OverZoid oz01 + high voltage booster HV Boost. Steampunk style enclosure from natural only materials. And unique jewerly style glasses indicators! Loop jacks allowe to use overdrive and booster separately. So pedal may work as preamp: high voltage booster on output can be use with all amplifiers. And special function - gain boost can boost the overdrive up to a distirtion. So use this pedal for solo/rhuthm so easy!

  • gain from clean boost to overdrive (boost to distortion)
  • gain, tone, volume controls for overdrive
  • volume boost, switchable gain boost
  • low mids boost switch for overdrive
  • true bypass
  • power 9V
  • full metal design: brass, copper, aluminium
  • unique glass indicators jewerly style

mosfet overdrive


Low gain mosfet overdrive/fuzz for a classic blues/rock/jazz styles. Special futuric industrial design.

  • Gain, volume and tone controls.
  • Power from external 9 Volts adapter.
  • True bypass.
  • Special industrial aluminium design.



Special designed "cyber punk" style copy of overdrive OverZoid oz01.

  • gain from clean boost to overdrive
  • gain, tone and volume controls
  • bass mode switch
  • true bypass
  • power 9V
  • full metal design
  • spacial LED illumination

germanium fuzz overdrive


Gear version of vintage fuzz overdrive with old USSR germanium transistors GeFuzz V3.2.

Art steampunk design.

  • True germanium sound
  • True bypass
  • Fuzz, tone and volume controls
  • Bass boost switch
  • Special indicator
  • Full metal design with true brass gears
  • Power from external adapter 9V