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svisound overzoid


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Steampunk art version of clean sound overdrive OverZoid oz01. Just natural materials: copper, aluminium, glass lenses.

  • gain from clean boost to overdrive
  • gain, tone and volume controls
  • extra "boost' foot switch
  • true bypass
  • power 9V
  • full metal design

Manual .pdf

Review from Bjorn Riis

Review with video from Premier Guitar

Review from Vintage Guitar magazine (.pdf)

Review on guitarpedaldemos.com

Review from Guitar Player Magazine

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Guitar micro amplifier with rich steampunk design. Just natural materials: copper, aluminium, glass crystalls. Ideal for a home, bedroom use.

  • Ouput power 8 Watt
  • Controls: gain, tone, volume
  • Power switch
  • Jacks: input, headphones, loop, speaker
  • Guitar cabinet simulator
  • Glass crystals level indicator
  • Power from adapter 12 Volt 2+ A
  • Speaker 4-8 Ohm
  • Dimensions: 110x60x50 mm

mosfet overdrive


Low gain mosfet overdrive/fuzz for a classic. blues/rock/jazz styles. Special futuric industrial design.

  • Gain, volume and tone controls.
  • Power from external 9 Volts adapter.
  • True bypass.
  • Special industrial aluminium design.



Special designed "cyber punk" style copy of overdrive OverZoid oz01.

  • gain from clean boost to overdrive
  • gain, tone and volume controls
  • bass mode switch
  • true bypass
  • power 9V.
  • full metal design
  • spacial LED illumination

germanium fuzz overdrive


Gear version of vintage fuzz overdrive with old USSR germanium transistors GeFuzz V3.2.

Art steampunk design.

  • True germanium sound
  • True bypass
  • Fuzz, tone and volume controls
  • Bass boost switch
  • Special indicator
  • Full metal design with true brass gears
  • Power from external adapter 9V.