"Music is art and should be created with artistic tools!" Tracii Guns (special for SviSound)



Special designed "cyber punk" style high gain distortion

  • gain, tone and volume controls
  • true bypass
  • power 9V.
  • full metal design
  • special LED illumination

germanium fuzz


 Steampunk art one piece version of germanium fuzz RetroZoid-GF. Extra gain boost foot switch!

RetroZoid-GF on Premier GuitarGermanium fuzz from "RetroZoid" line of guitar pedals. Rare germanium transistors. Classic sound from 70th! Two way 'fuzz' control 'fat - low - thin'. Two way tone control 'lf - normal - hf'.

  • Classic germanium sound
  • True bypass
  • Fuzz (from 'fat' to 'thin'), tone (from 'LF' to 'HF") and volume controls
  • Gain boost foot switch
  • Natural materials: aluminium, copper, brass
  • Power from external adapter 9V

"This tiny wonder puts dynamically sensitive and meaty Bender, Muff and Fuzzrite tones in a single, pedalboard-liberating package" Premier Guitar, Gear of the 2018 year

Germanium fuzz RetroZoid-GF is a winner of the coveted Premier Gear Award!

steampunk amplifier


Mini stereo bluetooth amplifier for smartphones.
Output power 2 x 5 Watt.
USB port for charge.
LED dynamic display may work as light source or music controlled light effect.
Sizes: 300x110x100 mm.
Natural materials: copper, wood, brass.
Power from adapter DC 12 V.

steampunk amplifier steampunk amplifier steampunk amplifier steampunk amplifier


amplifier sold out

Single ended tube amplifier with a combo ex-USSR tube lamp 6F5P (PCL86). Your friend for night's bedroom's jams!

  • Voltage converter from external 12 Volt to 280 Volt inside.
  • Master volume control.
  • Switchable jfet booster if you would like full power without external boosters.
  • Output switch 4 - 8 Ohm.
  • Output level VU indicator.
  • Clean warm classic tube sound.
  • Output power 3 Watt.
  • Natural materials - copper, aluminium, brass.
  • Steampunk rare design.
  • 110 x 120 x 80 mm.

guitar effect


Custom guitar pedal. It is ready enclosure, so I will add effect you choose from list below. The Price included it already. So no more extra cost.

  • Lighting VU meter
  • Two big light led indicators
  • Three knobs
  • One switch
  • One foot switch
  • Two jack, input and output
  • Power jack
  • Full aluminium enclosure
  • Dimensions: 105x53x55 mm

List of available effects: