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  • Delay/reverb/echo/chorus EchoZoid ez01

    modes switch Parallel to each mode reverb effect Rate, level and reverb level controls Delay time up to 2 sec. Crystal glass indicator True bypass Full metal design Power from external adapter 9V manual .pdf G M T Определить язык Азербайджанский...

  • Germanium fuzz overdrive FuzzoZoid 01

    pickups. True germanium sound True bypass Fuzz, tone and volume controls Gain tone switch "normal - treble - bass" Glass crystal indicator Full metal design Power from external adapter 9V Detailed Review from GuitarEffectsWorld.com manual .pdf

  • Germanium auto WAH / modulator WahoZoid

    - wah vibrato SENSITIVE, DECAY, DEPTH/LEVEL and RATE controls LEVEL - DEPTH switch for choose function of knob control Crystal glass indicator True bypass Full metal design Power from a external adapter 9V manual .pdf

  • Distortion Metal Genetic (two channel)

    pre-order, build time two weeks $199.00 Two channel high gain distortion. Germanium (red) channel provide classic rock tones from overdrive to high distortion. Combo (white) channel provide classic and modern tones for metal, industrial and to other...

  • Custom guitar pedal 01

    $188.00 Custom guitar pedal. It is ready enclosure, so I will add effect you choose from list below. The Price included it already. So no more extra cost. Lighting VU meter Two big light led indicators Three knobs One switch One foot switch Two jack,...

  • Custom guitar pedal 02

    $280.00 Custom guitar pedal. It is ready enclosure, so I will add effects you choose from list below. The Price included it already. So no more extra cost. Lighting VU meter Two big knobs Five small knobs One switch Two foot switch Four jack, input and...

  • Nano amplifier 50 Watt

    $95.00 Nano size amplifier class D designed special for guitar pedalboard. Maximal output power up to 50 Watt (with 25 Volt and 4 Ohm) Power from external source with positive center 12 - 24 Volt (not included) Volume control with power switcher Input...

  • Distortion DistoZoid 02

    $139.00 DistoZoid dz02 is a clean style distortion. Classic tones for most styles of misic. Working well as clean booster, overdrive and high gain distortion. Huge output allows work as preamplifier too! gain from clean boost to distortion gain, tone,...

  • Micro amplifier 50 Watt

    $120.00 Micro size amplifier class D with output power indicator. Maximal output power 50 Watt (with 24 Volt and 4 Ohm) Power from external source with positive center 9 - 24 Volt Volume control with power switcher Input impedance: 50 kOhm Speaker...

  • Custom guitar cabinets

    Custom guitar cabinets from quality speakers and natural materials. Contact me please for prices and details

  • Micro guitar tube amplifier Warm Copper

    sold Single ended tube amplifier with a combo ex-USSR tube lamp 6F5P (PCL86). Your friend for night's bedroom's jams! Voltage converter from external 12 Volt to 280 Volt inside. Master volume control. Switchable jfet booster if you would like full...

  • Micro guitar amplifier art style steampunk

    sold Guitar micro amplifier with rich steampunk design. Just natural materials: copper, aluminium, glass crystalls. Ideal for a home, bedroom use. Ouput power 8 Watt Controls: gain, tone, volume Power switch Jacks: input, headphones, loop, speaker...

  • Bass guitar two channel overdrive preamplifier BassoZoid 01

    $179.00 free shipping Two channels preamplifier for the Bass Guitar. Clean and overdrive channels and active two bands EQ provide for you most bass tones. Installed voltage convertor provide extra voltage so this pedal have clean output signal without...

  • Overdrive OverZoid oz02

    $168.00 free shipping High voltage overdrive: Full metal design Glass crystall indicator True bypass Gain, Tone, Volume controls Voltage converter to 24 Volts Clipping control switch: Hard overdrive - Clean boost - Light overdrive manual .pdf Big...

  • Distortion DistoZoid 01

    $142.00 DistoZoid dz01 have tube preamplifier structure and good for a classic rock and modern rock. Low mid tones provide the rich and power sound. Single notes and accords sounding well. Gain control change sound from overdrive to high distortion...

  • Overdrive OverZoid oz01 art edition

    to overdrive gain, tone and volume controls bass mode switch gain boost switch true bypass power 9V full metal design glass crystal indicator, changing color from signal manual .pdf G M T Определить язык Азербайджанский Албанский Английский Арабский...

  • Steampunk lamp mini

    sold Mini lamp steampunk style. Just real metal (copper, aluminium) and glass crystal. High 85 mm. Power 9 Volts from adapter (included)

  • Germanium fuzz overdrive Ge Fuzz V.3.2 art edition

    transistors. True germanium sound True bypass Fuzz, tone and volume controls Bass boost switch, tone correction switch Crystal glass ball indicator , color changing when play Full metal design Power from external adapter 9V manual .pdf


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