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  • Optical phaser Techno-FA

    analog sound True bypass Power from adapter 9V Full metal minimalistic design manual .pdf review from Gilmourish.com Phaser Techno-FA is a winner of the coveted Premier Gear Award!

  • Distortion - fuzz Techno-FU

    $169.00 Mini sized (38x92 mm) distortion - fuzz with maximum variable tones. For most styles of rock! Gain from overdrive to high distortion gain, treble, middle, volume controls color light change from guitar signal true bypass power from adapter 9V...

  • Germanium overdrive Techno-OV

    $169.00 Mini sized (38x92 mm) germanium overdrive. Rare soft germanium sound derived from ex-USSR transistors and diodes. Two controlling stages of gain (basic gain and output boost), two mode of clipping, tone control provide variable vintage sound...

  • Phaser Techno-FA is a winner of the coveted Premier Gear Award!

    More info on Premier Guitar Page of optical analog phaser Techno-FA


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