"Music is art and should be created with artistic tools!" Tracii Guns (special for SviSound)

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  • Optical phaser Techno-FA

    sound True bypass Power from adapter 9V 25mA Full metal minimalistic design manual .pdf review from Gilmourish.com Phaser Techno-FA is a winner of the coveted Premier Gear Award!

  • Distortion - fuzz Techno-FU

    $169.00 free shipping Mini sized (38x92 mm) distortion - fuzz with maximum variable tones. For most styles of rock! Gain from overdrive to high distortion gain, treble, middle, volume controls color light change from guitar signal true bypass power...

  • Germanium overdrive Techno-OV

    $169.00 free shipping Mini sized (38x92 mm) germanium overdrive. Rare soft germanium sound derived from ex-USSR transistors and diodes. Two controlling stages of gain (basic gain and output boost), two mode of clipping, tone control provide variable...

  • Phaser Techno-FA is a winner of the coveted Premier Gear Award!

    More info on Premier Guitar Page of optical analog phaser Techno-FA


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